At HallowGraphics, our work have characteristics that distinctly set them apart from others.
We work with you to achieve success in your personal and business environment.

We provide various services ranging from the traditional hand sketch illustration to hi-tech digitalised designs.
High-quality and creative work with quick turn-abouts at a cost-effective price is what our aim is in working with you.

If you have got an idea or an image in mind but do not know how to communicate it creatively. Let us know. It can be funky or sophisticated but in any cases it can convey a message that would be impossible using words. With our illustrating skills, watch us bring your ideas to life.

Ever wondered what you might look like if you were a cartoon character? We can provide you a hand-drawn/digitalized caricature or make a mini-cartoon out of you. We also offer our services on stylized portrait sketch.

A mascot is believed to bring good luck, a sign of the qualities we hope to possess. No one wants to be a mascot that is weak or corny as it will always be your alma mater. We'll provide you a mascot that you can look back on with pride.

Children Book/Cartoon illustration is a big part of what we do. Captivating illustrations to capture audience for a children book or a simple illustration that could bring warmth and a smile to you and whoever sees it, we provide a huge cast of unique cartoon characters and illustrations.

We all need an identity to let others know what we reflect. Because a picture says more than a thousand words. With our help, your logo will speak volumes.

Need an awesome artwork for a T-Shirt? Where words cannot be used, we can use images to bring out the message effectively.

Unique and Eye-catching! HallowGraphics offers you designs that are creative and stylish, created to stand out, ensuring a good first impression from your potential customers.

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